Hybrex is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of business telephone systems.

Hybrex products are distributed throughout the world, including the UK, Europe, Asia and the US.

In this global market, Hybrex products are held in high regard; and enterprises such as Italian Telecom and Phillips are proud to sell the Hybrex product under their own name.

When the Federal Aviation Association required a new Communications platform for their Air Traffic Control Towers, only Hybrex was able to deliver the special features and capabilities that the FAA required and after a rigorous field trials the FAA have approved the Hybrex GDS Hybrid IP Communications System as the standard for all their Air Traffic Control Towers.

In Australia and New Zealand over the last 15 years, in excess of 65,000 businesses have entrusted their telephone system needs to Hybrex. Remarkably, this has been done with no mass advertising; it has been primarily through reputation and by offering unbeatable value. What Hybrex saves in advertising costs, combined with the economies of being a global manufacturer, allows them to give unbeatable value.

Hybrex are specialists, who supply only business quality telephony equipment designed for the needs of the SME sector.
Whilst the focus is on businesses with 2 to 200 + extensions, larger enterprise needs can also be satisfied with Hybrex 1280 port systems now available.

The Hybrex name is based on HYBRid EXchange. A hybrid phone system has the versatility to be programmed to be a central answering type PABX and/or a versatile KEY type system. The new Hybrex platforms now incorporate a Hybrid IP Communication platform combining the advantage of traditional telecommunications along with the convergence of VoIP technology, and IP connectivity, this allows a flexible a solution that best suits the diverse needs of your business. This integrated IP-based capability protects the customer’s investment and ensures a wide range of options for expanding the customer’s information and communication infrastructure as their business grows.

Hybrex systems are distributed and serviced nationally by an experienced dealer team. Auto Telecom takes a holistic approach to customer support - delivering the right technical, operational, and marketing information. By taking an integrated approach, we make every effort to reduce the complexity inherent in system deployment and new service launch.

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